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Economic insulation

Economic Insulation

In most cases the economic insulation thickness is not the insulation thickness, due to your requirements (protection against accidental contact, etc.) were calculated. The economic is usually higher. Economically, in our case the fastest return on investment“.


In most cases, the insulation thickness is provided by your customers. Nevertheless, you have the possibility to determine the economic insulation thickness for your customers. In this case,it creates a win-win situation for you and the customer. Although the customer must invest more in most cases for the isolation but gets a usually much faster „return of investment“.


In this case you can achieve through your advice not only higher sales but your customers can save even more money (based on the runtime). In many cases,with such a consultation you have an even stronger customer loyalty.

It is so easy to calculate


First enter your environment variables, select your material and press the „economic insulation thickness“ button.


Here you enter the initial value, the step width and the number of repetitions.


Then click on the Calculate button.


The calculation of the table is now being prepared. Now enter your insulation cost and press the refresh button.


ISOWTC expects you now from the economic insulation thickness (green line). Yellow line will show you layer step.



The overall expression you can view here.




If you had „ONLY“ designed by the surface temperature of 50 ° C, an insulation thickness of 80mm would have been sufficient here. But now, by calculating the Economic Insulation Thickness it can offer you with a clear conscience optimum insulation thickness of 140mm.


Here is the expression that interprets surface temperature (yield 80 mm)