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The Big Difference

It is not only the “small” difference – sometimes there are also completely new ways. With ISOWTC we wanted to not only calculate surface temperature, heat flow, or end temperatures. We want to give you a tool which give you or your customers to give real added value. This includes Szenaren perform and to see its isolation as a “whole”. Here are a few differences.

Differences of the programs


It is not only the “small” difference – sometimes Servants also breaks new ground. With ISOWTC we did not just surface temperature, Heat flux, calculated final temperatures. We wish you a tool to Hand to give you or your customers to give real added value. this includes  Szenaren perform the isolation and seen as a “whole”. here a few differences. If you want to test ISOCOM just for 7 days. You will be amazed.

Economic Insulation Thickness

Calculation Vordämmung

Input Expenses

Return of Invest

Logarithmic Mean Temperature

Calculation according to VDI 2055 Edition Oct.2008

Calculation of Existing Insulation

Projects and Components

Input their own data and Parameter of Invest

Technical Description of material

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z * Identification

Prints Easily Adapted

Different Currencies / language

Interface for Various Programs

Selection Factors

Emissions and award values changed manually

Description of the individual points

Economic Insulation Thickness


New ways to go, and not ONLY after surface temperature or heat loss so interpreted. For this purpose we have implemented the economic insulation thickness in ISOWTC.

The best argument for you or your customers, the economic insulation thickness.These can be counted on to various scenarios in ISOWTC. In this case, They even increasing fuel expenses and increasing the expenses certificate enter.


Calculation Vordämmung


If your medium temperature is too high, and they need before the mineral wool still a high-temperature insulation material will be created with various options calculated in ISOWTC. By automatically until it reaches the temperature limit of Mineral wool, to the default location of the temperature. It’s that easy.


Input expenses for the isolationg


We are working on the “Return of Invest” not fictitious values. In the calculation, you have the opportunity to enter your Dämmpreise. thus get YOUR realistic savings opportunity to enter your Dämmpreise. thus get YOUR realistic savings.

Return of Invest In important point for the decision of a “new” insulation  or a reorganization of the “Return of Invest” is. Only when this in a Manageable limits, is an isolated, economically and meaningful. they will not believe how low the return on investment in insulation are. mostly  between 1-2 years – to the redevelopment.


Logarithmic mean temperature


A huge difference in the cooling of a line, or when the temperature changes  in containers is the calculation of the logarithmic mean temperature. this USP in ISOWTC was implemented on the VDI 2055. It is clear  that the cooling or heating at the beginning substantially from the end of the Line and time is different. Try it – you’ll be amazed.


Calculation according to VDI  2055 Edition September 2008


We are committed to creating ISOWTC according to the latest standards. Even if changes in this or other standards to be made to flow This one immediately in ISOWTC. Therefore, the tests ensure the FIW, the meticulous this monitor. Whether that is true everywhere? Ask your provider.


Several manufacturers and standards


As an independent program provider, we have won various manufacturers. These will be from month to month more. See for yourself in the “Partners” section. Here we have listed these .

Likewise, you will find material standards of the VDI 2055, AGI, BS (British Standard), ISO (international standard), etc..


Calculation with existing Isolierun


U Likewise, you will find material standards of the VDI 2055, AGI, BS (British Standard), ISO (international standard), usUnrealistisch if all the savings are only designed for the non-insulated object. A not to be underestimated part is calculated in the reorganization or the retrofit. Thus you have the option of an “old” or “existing” Isolation enter. ISOWTC calculates the current heat loss and makes it available to the new heat loss. Likewise, any savings from these differences gerechnetw.


Components and Projects


Technical calculations should be seen as a “whole”. For this, you can create individual components in ISOWTC and calculate.

Finally, you will be provided a complete project expressed in the overall economy and the total is displayed “Return of Invest” AND the individual components.

Input their own data


Some calculations have to be carried out with material data, which are not performed in our system, or where you have specified only the data sheet. No problem. In ISOWTC they can record your own material data.

Not only the material data, but also the types of objects, surfaces and the medium can be inserted with your data. Because – what program has been in the system as a standard white chocolate.


Technical description of the material


Do you know the problem, to request a data sheet? With ISOWTC you have this automatically. After you have selected the material, simply press the “i” icon, and they have data. And for all manufacturers


Position jump


You have your instructions from clients that e.g.. only max. 80mm insulation should be used? No problem, enter this in the calculation – is ISOWTC honor that decision.

You want to calculate earnings “optimized” or “practical”. ISOWTC calculated at “optimizing” the optimum stacking of layers, at “practical” is expected ISOWTC as always with the same situation, in order to save storage and transport expenses .


Z * Identification


Not to be forgotten are egg Termperaturverlusteand system-dependent thermal bridges. What impact will this percentage if the recapitalization is implemented is not irrelevant. You can reduce this by simple means, and thus make more effective rehabilitation .


Prints easily adapted


Her expression is crowded, or you need more information? By simply clicking on “check boxes” you can customize your printout for your OPERATION OF. Not only the simple adaptation of the prints is possible. rather, They saved and select different templates before printing .


Different Currencies / language


You must abgebe the calculation in a different currency. No problem, simply change the currency, or choose a different language..

Interface for various programs
For ease of entry provides ISOWTC to various interfaces. Here is a selection of the most important.


Microsoft Excel


Free mobile tool allowance of FIW

Spreadsheet program ISOCOM


Selection factors


Each one of the factors can be selectively disabled. So you can for example the compression factor, the soaking, the location factor influencing etc..


Emissions and aggregate values manually enter


Especially for Existing insulation should emission levels will change, if slight or severe corrosion has occurred. Also have various other spacers other surcharge rates. You can customize your design.