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Logarithmic Mean Temperature

Logarithmic Mean Temperature

Often we have heard the questions through mail and hotline about logarithmic mean temperature. What are the benefits of logarithmic mean temperature? What is the difference between the arithmetic mean temperature and logarithmic mean temperature?

The mean temperatures are always required with changes in temperature.

For Example:

  • Temperature change in a line
  • Cooling or Heating of a Medium with respect to a time
  • Freezing Time…

Since the temperature at the beginning (a line or a time) cools faster than the end, that is the main reason why logarithmic mean temperature required for calculation.

For the example it can be seen that the deviation between the two mean temperatures becomes larger, the greater the distance or the longer the time course is.

Example Calculation:

Temperature at the start:                                400 °C

Life of the Container:                                        200 h

Final Temperature:                                           200 °C

Arithmetic mean temperature:                       300 °C

Logarithmic mean temperature:                     289 °C

This difference indicates that Logarithmic mean temperature is essential for accurate calculation (Freezing time , Condensate , Precise Outlet Temperature).