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Your Benefits

Energy Savings and Payback



For an investor or operator of a plant, the payback period is at least as important as energy conservation and the reduction of CO2.The payback period depends on many factors, which are based on realistic values in ISOWTC and go beyond the requirements of VDI 2055 addition.

The Location Optimization



In all types of calculation, you have the opportunity to work with a known thickness or calculate thickness. The special feature of ISOWTC is the calculation because of the layers Vendor materials calculate themselves. Here, the program meets even the Determining whether the predetermined diameter pipe can be insulated with shells or a mat comes to land use. It will, of course,  Manufacture tolerances taken into account..

Optimization Calculation

The newest attraction is a sophisticated calculation method, in which a Amortization optimization and energy savings can perform optimization. In this routine, the program calculates the optimum variation of all Variables. The main factors which have to be taken into account:
– The Insulation
– The Surface Condition
–¬† Flange and Valve Insulation
– The Thickness
And various other factors. After this optimization will be new it is determined by the system data compared. Now it’s up to you for the new insulation layer thickness, the new interface … to decide. Furthermore, You will receive an evaluation tree, which will give the viability of the project (Separated in energy conservation and amortization) represents…