Always on the move


There is not a PC. Often, on-site technical Calculations are carried out. This is also possible, you have a mobile tool. This is available on all current mobile phone systems e.g. Windows Mobile, Iphone, Blackberry …. The following possibilities of mobile Calculation are available:


Also, you have the whole range of components available for calculation. The results will be displayed again on the screen.

More Features



Registered users can check the result directly to the customer via email Send. This PDF contains all the information even when the “big Brother “are present. Furthermore, the input can be saved in your profile. These components are then available on the ISOWTC version. You can still make some adjustments. So you have not only a mobile technical calculation, but also a tool for recording complete projects.

  • – Heat flux
  • – Surface Change
  • – Temperature change
  • – Cooling
  • – Life
  • – Condensate
  • – Freezing time