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Thermal Calculation for Professionals

– Regardless of manufacturer
VDI 2055 tested seal
– FIW Certification

For over 4 years ISOWTC is on the market and is certified as the only heat protection technical calculation program FIW. ISOWTC With over 1,200 registered users worldwide, is the most successful independent (Warm Technical Calculation) WTC software.First and only software of the thermal engineering calculations with FIW certificate.

With this now we are also the first and only calculation program to get the VDI certificate. This was based on the assessment of Dr. Kasparek and Dr. Hanel and a further examination done by the FIW Munich followed by confirmation

Clear printout of your calculation

Initially, we had basis  certification by the FIW Munich. One year later,we have received certification by the VDI as well. Both documents, the FIW certificate and the VDI certificate, confirm the authenticity of the calculation algorithms of ISOWTC software with the calculation rules of  VDI_2055 Sheet 1

FIW certificate and VDI certificate

Our plus: insulation manufacturers independent

ISOWTC is an Insulation calculation program which is independent of insulation manufacturers. You no longer need for each product its own software. You have the choice between the most common insulation types.

Also You have the calculation operation of thermal conductivities

with  older existing insulation which are explored in FIW Projects (VDI 4610 sheet 1).

Calculations online, on your PC or with an app
ISOWTC is available in WEB version, as well as “desktop” version for your computer and also in mobile web for all kind of mobile , smart phones and tablets. You can save project-related or customer-related results for further use. Each project can contain any number of “components”.

Convincing functions
In addition to the usual functions, such as calculating
– Surface temperature
– Heat loss
– Change in temperature of flowing medium
– Freezing time
– Dew point temperature
– Change in temperature of the medium is stationary

ISOWTC offers many more opportunities to evaluate your operational system‘s heat protection capacity.
Particularly noteworthy is the calculation of the “Economic thickness of insulation.”

With this you as a insulation company will get a very advanced graphical tool to promote Economic Calculation.
This will give you as a company of Dämmtechnik a sales promotion artwork for your customers talk to on the economic

To respond needs of your customers.

Of course, is is also helpful to printouts the list of  the calculation results for

– All common pipe diameters

– Various fluid and ambient temperatures,
etc. available.

What Energy savings benefit you can have with insulation ??
ISOWTC calculates energy Saving through the insulation against the energy consumption of a non-insulated system or component.

But what happens when an insulation already exists. In this case, ISOWTC provides a comparison between “old” (stock) and the “new” insulation that you offer as a company of insulation to your customers. In addition to the energy saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions, the return of investment period is as well calculated.

Clear printouts
The clear printouts that contain a graph showing the temperature profile can be customized to suit your needs or as per your customers requirement. These respective calculation templates can be saved by you and can be selected while printing the reports.

nterface to commercially available software
You can link the ISOWTC software with your specific calculation software via an interface. With this, you have the possibility to offer more than just a quote of the cost to your customers .
With one click you can give your customers the performance of your insulation in a concise representation, which includes of course the “payback period” of your action and the resulting return to your customer.With VDI 4610 (expected in May 2014)
The trend-setting recommendations of the new VDI 4610 are already part of ISOWTC. So, fittings, flanges and other components are no longer as before calculated over equivalent lengths, but on the basis of realistic values ??of the VDI 4610 for heat loss. Above all, you can as well calculate  the insulation before and after your work under this Directive in energy efficiency classes A – F.

This is a useful tool to educate your customers on ecological character of the insulation vividly.

All ISOWTC versions are available now available.

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