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Different Dimension


Whether for prepare on a site visit, if your internal need for filing, or for a project preparation. Our Multi calculations for various temperatures, thicknesses or diameters are a useful tool for you.

You often get from your customers only vague information about the dimensions of the lines. What environment variables are available in its operation is usually to learn smoothly. For ease of calculation or to prepare for a conversation with the customer, we have implemented various kinds of diameter input.



The term “All diameters“

Here you can view on an report “All diameters” with the associated insulation thicknesses or print.
In our example, our client has passed the surface temperature (shock protection) and the environment variables. However, it was clear that different pipe dimensions are available. After entering all the variables we have created our report for “All pipe diameter”.



The term “diameter / Temp”

In addition, there is the possibility to create an expression for “All pipe diameter”, which also covers different temperature ranges.



The term “step by step“

Of course there is also a possibility for the calculation of various insulation thicknesses are available. This expression finds its application when a temperature gradient for various insulation thicknesses should be displayed.