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FIW Certification for ISOWTC

Successful test for conformity with the rules of calculation of ISOWTC VDI 2055 Sheet 1 Issue September, 2008. Only certified calculation software .

Cologne, 05.10.2012 – Transfer of certification to the ISO:

With the surrender of the certificate for ISOWTC on the ISO 2012 is for ISOWTC again made ??a big step. The thermo-technical calculation software is now the first certified and recognized calculation program based on the VDI 2055 Sheet 1 Issue September, 2008. This award is not only a confirmation of our work, but is also a security for our users. The certification of ISOWTC is registered under No. B2-02/12.

For the parts of surface temperature, heat flow, fluid media, freezing time, condensation, and resting media EnEV conformity assessment, and test calculations were carried out with success. Similarly, the multi Dämmaufbau, the economic insulation thickness, temperature limits, Vordämmungen and the various factors were tested.

“We are proud of this certification,” says managing director Richard Burghardt at the presentation of the certificate by Dr. Martin Zeitler. further, “We are a big step for the safety of ISOWTC succeeded, especially as this has not yet achieved any software in front of us,” said Burghardt.

In addition, the extensive quality assurance of ISOWTC was put under the microscope. The algorithms that implement the equations of VDI 2055 will be conducted under the version number 05.xx.yy.YYMMDD.



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